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ISBN: 978-0-9956385-0-1
Format ; 210 x 148mm, paperback,64 pages
Price: £9.99

"Eton Colours is a small

gem that brings a

marvellous tradition of 

one of the world's 

greatest schools to life".

Eton College has a unique system of sporting and

House colours that has evolved over some 150 years.

The colours stand at the heart of British sartorial and

sporting tradition, and  Lachlan Campbell's

delightfully illustrated book traces them from

inception through to current day - alongside some

of the myths and traditions that go with them. 

This second edition is not only clearer and more

concise than the first, but also has additional plates and colours

with an interesting plate of discontinued House colours.

The book is priced at £9.99 with post & packaging on top. 

This fascinating book is both essential for any current

Eton boy, Beak, parent, or Old Etonian but also for anyone

interested in the history and traditions of British sport

and style.

It is lighthearted and meant to be a bit of fun and the reader

will find a lexicon of colours and myths to enjoy.


Lachlan Campbell was born in London in 1958.
He was at Eton between 1972-77 in M.A.Nicholson's House, Field, Oppidan Wall & Strawberry. Having served in the Army for five years, he has run his own business since.

House colour plates

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